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Evidence-based Improvements for CAMHS
 When: Wednesday, January 24, 2018
 Where: Birmingham City Football Club, Birmingham
 Timing: Registration 8:40 AM | Start 9:20 AM | Close 4:20 PM
 Public Sector Price: NHS and Public Sector price £199 plus VAT
What is it about?

The 2018 CAMHS National Networking Forum is a unique opportunity to learn evidence-based strategies for improvement that have been tried and tested by your professional peers.

Whether you work in a CAMHS assessment team, as a specialised Nurse, at a 3rd sector organisation or in Tier 4 services, this event will bring together the most up-to-date knowledge from across the sector and empower your service delivery with:

  • Fantastic opportunities to network with other CAMHS professionals
  • A chance to share your challenges and establish peer-recommended solutions
  • Forward-thinking presentations to further your professional understanding
  • Benchmarking your service progression with other teams from around the country

Why should you attend?

This dedicated CAMHS forum will equip your team with right tools to progress your service, moving forward with improved recovery rates, a streamlined workforce and workload and more resilient young people.

Through insightful presentations, speaker Q&As, workshops and group discussions, this educational day will guide your team toward delivering effective, evidence-based .  This renowned event is now in it's 4th year, and delegates from the 2017 Forum left us feedback including 'I have found each presentation thought provoking and useful. In addition, I have at least 5 areas of action for me to take back to practice. Thank you!!'.

Key learning outcomes

Discover how your team can progress in 2018 by beginning the year with expert-led learning covering:


  • National CAMHS Outcomes: outlining the CORC report on 'Child and Parent Reported Outcomes and Experience from C&YP's Mental Health Services' and understanding the implications for CAMHS nationwide
  • Streamlining your Workforce and Workload: innovative ways to staff your service to boost recruitment and retention, as well as a practical guide to working with the 3rd sector to support sustainability
  • Improving Crisis and Inpatient Services: case study exploring how to run an effective CAMHS Assessment and Response Team in addition to an update on areas for improvement within inpatient service 
  • Promoting Resilience and Early Intervention: outcomes from a health education england funded trial for Team of Life, a school-based narrative approach to teaching young people resilience
Join together with inspirational CAMHS professionals and benefit from the shared knowledge of:
  • Julian Edbrooke-Childs, Lecturer in Evidence-Based Practice in Child Mental Health, UCL & Research Lead, CORC
  • Judith Eydmann, Contracts Manager, Beat
  • Sarah Hogan, Nurse Consultant and Transformation Lead, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Jay Eeles, Crisis Intervention Home Treatment Team Clinical Lead and Service Manager, CAMHS, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Carol-Anne Murphy, Nurse Consultant, CAMHS Warrington, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Tracey Beatty, Clinical Lead, CAMHS Assessment and Response Team
  • Vicky Eames, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Riverbank Psychology
  • Cathy Street, Director, The GIFT Partnership

For more details about the speakers visit the news board

The agenda for the day
8.40 Registration and refreshments
9.20 Chair’s opening remarks
Cathy Street, Director, The GIFT Partnership
National CAMHS Outcomes
9.30 Where are we now? What the current data tells us about CAMHS experiences and outcomes
   CORC Report: Child and Parent Reported Outcomes and Experience from C&YP’s Mental Health Services 2011-2015
   Interpreting the report: what it means for CAMHS today and where to focus improvements
   Using the report to support discussions around CAMHS outcomes: understanding FUPS
Julian Edbrooke-Childs, Lecturer in Evidence-Based Practice in Child Mental Health, UCL & Research Lead, CORC
10.10 Group discussion: how does your service measure outcomes and use the data to improve?
Discuss how your team collect feedback from young people and their families, as well as tracking recovery and reliable improvement rates. How do you turn outcome data in to service improvements?
10.40 Networking break
Streamlining Your Workforce and Workload
11.00 Working with the 3rd sector: achieving sustainability and support from outside the NHS
   Broadening your knowledge of suitable organisations: familiarising yourself with services
   What types of work do the 3rd sector do? Case study examples of research, support and provisions
   Why does it benefit CAMHS? How the 3rd sector supports sustainability and improved outcomes
Judith Eydmann, Contracts Manager, Beat
Improving Crisis and Inpatient Services
11.40 Sandwell & Wolverhampton case study: CAMHS Crisis Intervention/Home Treatment Team
   Assessment and choosing pathways: delivering the right support and preventing deterioration
   Reducing restrictive practices: alternative methods to subdue distressed young people
   Utilising multidisciplinary teams and community resources: wraparound crisis support
Sarah Hogan, Nurse Consultant and Transformation Lead & Jay Eeles, Crisis Intervention Home Treatment Team Clinical Lead and Service Manager, CAMHS, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
12.20 Networking lunch
1.30 North West Boroughs case study: running an effective CAMHS Assessment & Response Team
   How the team works: outlining the urgent response, 24 hours a day service
   Managing the single point of access: ensuring individual needs are understood and met
   Establishing trust: ensuring that local teams deal with familiar young people as far as possible
Carol-Anne Murphy, Nurse Consultant & Tracey Beatty, Clinical Lead, CAMHS Warrington, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
2.10 CAMHS inpatient services: developing more effective and appropriate pathways
   Understanding the NHS England transformation plans: how will inpatient CAMHS change?
   Navigating the increase in 0-25 services: how does the age range impact on care?
   Bed availability: coping with a demand that sometimes outstrips capacity
Cathy Street, Director, The GIFT Partnership
2.50 Networking break
Promoting Resilience and Early Intervention
3.10 Resilience case study: trial outcomes for the schools-based resilience programme Team of Life
   Introducing Team of Life: understanding how the narrative approach works in practice
   Outcomes from the Health Education England funded trial: what impact did it have?
   Try Team of Life: your opportunity to experience how it works and discuss who could benefit
Vicky Eames, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Riverbank Psychology
3.50 Group discussion: supporting and educating young people before they require CAMHS support
Does your team take part in any activities to promote mental wellbeing amongst children and young people before they are referred to CAMHS, for example working with schools or community groups? Share ideas and discuss what responsibilities (if any at all) you think CAMHS teams have for this.
4.20 Close of conference
By providing a space in which CAMHS teams can honestly and productively share their experiences, this communicative forum will give you the opportunity to connect with your professional counterparts and uncover innovative ways to move past your shared difficulties. Bringing together:

Clinical Leads

Clinical Psychologists

Consultant Psychiatrists

Community Support Workers

CYP Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners

Programme Directors

Service Managers

Call for posters
Are you booked or planning to attend? Would you like to share your work? Then please do read this page and send us your details....
Poster content guidance:
  • Posters should include images as well as text, and photographs of the individuals or service involved. There will be a ‘stand by your poster’ session during the day when attendees can discuss your work. Posters should share innovative and effective ways of working and reflect on the following questions:
  • What challenge were you addressing in your service improvement?
  • What strategies or processes were tried?
  • What evidence or guidance informed these strategies?
  • What service improvement outcome was achieved? How was that measured?
  • What impact did this have on the wider service: users, staff, organisational processes?
  • What did you learn and how can this benefit other services to improve?
Poster submission requirements
  • Any registered conference attendee from the NHS, public or charity sector may present a poster
  • Only one poster presentation is allowed per registered attendee/author
  • Posters must be registered by two weeks prior to the conference and be brought on the day
  • This can consist of one sheet (A1) or up to 12 sheets of A4 paper – in Power Point
  • Posters will go onto portrait orientated boards of 1m x 2m and Velcro will be provided for fixing
Poster application information:

To start your application, please submit the following details to: enquiries@nnf-events.co.uk

  • Author details: (100 words or less)
  • Author email: (to be published)
  • Poster title:
  • Poster abstract: (200 words or less)

Alternatively, please download and complete the poster application form

All applications are welcome from either registered or reserve place attendees - successful submissions will be notified within one week of application. Please do contact the team on 01732 897788 if you have any questions.

Call for speakers

Do you work in IAPT or CAMHS? Have you developed your service and want to share your work? We are always looking for interesting examples and experiences.

With all of our courses driven by best practice, we would welcome you to approach us to take part. Benefits of presenting:

  • Case study driven presentations - if you are part of a team who has implemented a new project or idea then this is the platform to share your experiences.
  • Put you and your achievements out there - whether you are a PWP, IAPT or CAMHS Service Lead, Clinical Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist or a mental health nurse , we will be holding an event which will enable you to share your tools to help others in IAPT and CAMHS deal with their challenges.
  • Time to think and focus - away from your everyday environment you can hear others’ presentations and think objectively and innovatively about how you manage your work.
  • Raise your profile and network with like-minded - compare your work with what is happening in other services. By attending a relevant event you can mix with people who understand your concerns, benchmark your progress and drive forward your experience in a sharing environment.

Please contact Sarah Kemm if you would like to take part in one of our forthcoming events on 01732 897788 or sarah.kemm@sbk-healthcare.co.uk

Pricing Structure
  • NHS and Public Sector: £199 + VAT per place
Do you really want to attend an event, but can’t see funding being available? NNF events have put together a page of cost saving tips, travel advice and useful ideas to help you to build your business case. Click here to view the justify your attendance document.
Optional Accommodation at Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4EW
  • £92 + VAT (subject to availability. Lower rates may be found by booking directly with on-line accommodation website)
Bed and breakfast accommodation is available for this event at a specially discounted rate. Simply tick the dates that you wish to book when making your booking and we will contact you directly for your credit card guarantee details.
We regret that bookings for bed and breakfast accommodation cannot be confirmed without full credit card details. Your credit card will only be charged in the event that the invoice has not been settled one month following the event and only with prior communication.
If your funding has not yet been secured or you would like to hold your place with no obligation, you can reserve your place with us. Please email enquiries@nnf-events.co.uk with your details:
  • Booking contact: Name, job title, department, email, telephone
  • Event(s) to reserve for: Title, date
  • Delegate details (for each delegate): Name, job title, department, email, telephone
  • Organisation details: Name, address
Alternatively you can make a confirmed booking by sending the above information to bookings@nnf-events.co.uk
Modify Registration
To modify an existing registration, please contact bookings@nnf-events.co.uk
Birmingham City Football Club, Birmingham
Saint Andrews Stadium, Cattell Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 4RL
0344 557 1875
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