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CAMHS National Networking Forum
 When: Thursday, April 27, 2017
 Where: King Power Stadium, Leicester
 Timing: Registration 9.00 AM | Start 9:30 AM | Close 4:20 PM
 Public Sector Price: Before 10th February - £149 plus VAT | After 10th February - £199 plus VAT
Share what your service is doing well and identify clear strategies for overcoming your challenges

Attend this informative networking forum and discover workable strategies to enact meaningful change and produce better outcomes. Take one day out to attend this unique, research-driven event and your CAMHS team will benefit from:

·         Fantastic opportunities to network with other CAMHS professionals

·         Strategies to achieve the best outcomes: peer-tested ways to promote early intervention and admission avoidance

·         Delivering continuous improvements: making sense of budgets and approaches to staffing

·         Upcoming considerations for CAMHS teams: update on the national consultancy

·         Benchmarking your service progression with other teams from around the country

·         A choice of specialised workshops: Eating Disorders, CAMHS to AMHS or Learning Disabilities

Experience a variety of fresh learning approaches developed to benefit your team
This dedicated CAMHS forum will provide a unique platform for services to share their honest experiences, candidly discussing their successes as well as their stumbling blocks. Through insightful presentations, speaker Q&As, workshops and group discussions, this educational day will guide your team toward clear service development.  The CAMHS National Networking Forum has been running since 2015 and this year will deliver exciting new workshops, tips to help your team produce better outcomes as well as information on how the National CAMHS Consultation is likely to impact on your service.
Boost your service delivery and stay at the forefront of current issues and solutions

Researched with experience professionals from community workers to psychiatrists, the day’s content has been developed to provide delegates with insightful reflections on:


·         Early intervention: defining ‘early’, gathering outcomes and working alongside schools and families

·         Admission avoidance: engaging patients, developing community support and extending hours

·         Staffing your service: interview strategies to involve CYP, easing workplace stress and retaining staff

·         Making sense of budgets: delivering cost-effective results and engaging with your CCG

·         National CAMHS consultation update: standardising service and the process so far


Team attendance is recommended as the afternoon will split into three focussed, in-depth and interactive workshops. You can choose from:

·       Innovative Approaches to the Treatment of Eating Disorders: a unique opportunity to discover the logistics of setting up and the realities of running a new eating disorder service

·       Supporting Young People throughout the move from CAMHS to AMHS: learn how your service could ease pressure at this stressful time whilst supporting CYP and promoting independence

·       Establishing a Comprehensive and Effective Pathway for Learning Disabilities: making the most of PBS, reducing restrictive interventions and working alongside schools and families

A space in which CAMHS teams can honestly and productively share their experiences

This communicative forum will bring together service managers, programme directors, consultant psychiatrists, community support workers, CYP practitioners, clinical psychologists, nurse practitioners and clinical leads. Connect with your professional counterparts and uncover innovative ways to move past your shared difficulties.

Attending this conference will equip you with the right tools to begin improving and developing your CAMHS team. Learn how to set and achieve motivational goals with presentations from:
  • Amy Harrison, Teaching Fellow, Department of Psychology and Human Development & Clinical Psychologist, University College London & The Ellern Mede Specialist Eating Disorder Services
  • Andy Johnston, Independent Consultant, Andy Johnston Associates
  • Cathy Street, Director, The GIFT Partnership
  • Claire Leonard, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
  • Hind Al Khairulla, Clinical Director, Ellern Mede Service for Eating Disorders
  • Leanne Walker, Expert by Experience, Derby CAMHS
  • Linda McQuaid, Interim Director, Children and Young People's Services, Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust
  • Miranda Wolpert, Head of Programme for Service Development and Evaluation, Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families
  • Pru Allington-Smith, Consultant Psychiatrist for Child Learning Disabilities, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
  • Zoe Woodworth, Trainer, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

For more details about the speakers visit the news board

The agenda for the day
9.00 Registration and refreshments
9.30 Opening remarks from the chair
Cathy Street, Director, The GIFT Partnership
Strategies to Achieve the Best Outcomes
9.40 Enabling early intervention: working with schools to promote knowledge and understanding
   Working alongside families and educators: increasing awareness, solidifying partnerships and teaching adults how to accurately identify when behaviours become dangerous
   Linking services: establishing clear pathways and routines to deal with concerns efficiently
   Broadening availability: working with third sector organisations to support and enable CAMHS
Zoe Woodworth, Trainer, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust
10.10 Using evidenced outcomes: improving the effectiveness of mental health support
   Interpreting evidence: making the most of your outcome measures to strengthen care
   National reports: what can be learnt from large-scale data collection?
   Next steps: putting to practice what you have learnt from your outcome measures
Miranda Wolpert, Director of the Child Outcomes Research Consortium, Head of the Innovation, Evaluation and Dissemination Programme and Director of the Evidence Based Practice Unit , Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and UCL
10.40 Creating a unique and integrated digital experience for children, young people and their families
Mike Catton, Commercial Director, Healios
10.50 Networking break in the exhibition hall
Delivering Continuous Improvements
11.20 Making sense of budgets: Engaging with the CCG and implementing cost-effective change
   Building trust: developing productive partnerships with the CCG and securing essential funding
   Next steps: assessing the options and determining what new initiatives to invest in
   Budget-friendly solutions: achieving the best possible results for CYP despite a lack of funding
Linda McQuaid, Interim Director, Children and Young People's Services, Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust
Upcoming Considerations for CAMHS Teams
11.50 National CAMHS Consultation update: The process so far
   Minimising variants: standardising commissioning, costing and geographical availability
   Supposed impact: how the national consultation outcomes are likely to affect your service
12.10 Discussion: Transforming CAMHS to produce more positive outcomes
Which aspects of your service are working well, and which do you think need to change? Share your experiences and discover new strategies to reinvigorate your team.
Andy Johnston, Independent Consultant, Andy Johnston Associates
12.40 Networking lunch in the exhibition hall
1.50 Breakout afternoon
A choice between three two-hour long, interactive workshops will take place between 1.50 and 4.20 and will incorporate a networking break between 2.50 and 3.20. They are designed to enable attendees to come together in their specialised interests, update their knowledge and share experience.
WORKSHOP 1: Innovative Approaches to the Treatment of Eating Disorders
The Brain and Eating Disorders
Dr Hind Al-Khairulla, Clinical Director, Ellern Mede Service for Eating Disorders
Case study: Insight into this first-of-its-kind, short-term residential care clinic for eating disorders
   The theory behind the service: evidenced outcomes from around the world
   Establishing a new treatment plan: the logistics of utilising a fresh approach
   Fitting the criteria: which CYP will be suitable for this type of residential care?
Discussion: Has your team been involved with setting up a new service before? What are the key challenges and how did you manage to overcome them?
Dr Amy Harrison, Teaching Fellow, Department of Psychology and Human Development, University College London and Clinical Psychologist & Peter Curtis, Managing Director, The Ellern Mede Specialist Eating Disorder Services
WORKSHOP 2: Supporting Young People throughout the move from CAMHS to AMHS
Transitioning into adult services: Minimising disruption and upholding routine during the handover
   Involving young people: methods to ensure that the individual feels in control of their own treatment
   Continued support: reassuring those that do not meet the criteria for AMHS support
   Why is age a priority? Letting the nature, severity and longevity of the issue dictate treatment
Discussion: Taking in to account the extreme geographical variation between the age of transition, discuss when and why your area make this change and the subsequent outcomes.
Supporting maintained wellbeing: plugging the gap in support after discharge
   Support after discharge: determining what is available for those with continuing needs
   Defining the right balance: providing reassurance whilst promoting independence
   Acknowledging individuals: syncing services to ensure that each person is assessed thoroughly
Discussion: In what ways does your CAMHS service interact with AMHS to promote continuity?
Cathy Street, Director, The GIFT Partnership and Leanne Walker, Derby CAMHS
WORKSHOP 3: Establishing a Comprehensive and Effective Pathway for Learning Disabilities
Positive Behavioural Support: building a clear, engaging process to improve challenging behaviour in CYP
   Starting with systematic assessment: when, where, how and why behaviour is concerning
   Restrictive interventions: promoting positive support to minimise restrictive interventions
   Complimentary strategies: what can be done with care plans to support and enhance PBS?
Discussion: What effect has PBS had upon the use of restrictive intervention for your team? Have you received better results from anything else?
Providing comprehensive care: working with schools and families to increase coverage of support
   Establishing relationships: how and why it is important to support families emotionally
   Equipping educators: providing schools with the right tools to assist CYP with LD to learn successfully
   Consistency of approach: multidisciplinary meetings to ensure unity of intentions and methods
Discussion: Share your experiences of working alongside schools, and what your outcomes are so far. Discuss how you would like your CAMHS/ schools relationship to develop in the future.
Dr Pru Allington-Smith, Consultant Psychiatrist for Child Learning Disabilities, and Dr Claire Leonard, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
4.20 Close of day
Now in its 3rd year this CAMHS National Networking Forum is set to be an exciting platform to share best practice and service development. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from your peers from around the country.

2016 job titles included:

Area Manager, Assistant Directors, Business Development Manager, CAMHS Team Leader, Clinical Lead for Individual Therapy and Psychotherapist, Commissioning Manager for Complex Needs, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Consultant Clinical & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Consultant Psychiatrist, Deputy to Associate Director, Directors, Extended Scope Programme Manager, Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, Head of CAMHS, Head of Project Development, Health Inclusion Worker, Inpatient Service Manager, Interim Co-Director of Children and Young People's Services, Lead Clinician, Lead Commissioner for Children and Maternity Services, Matron for Child Health, Mental Health Case Managers, NHS Project Manager, Paediatric Commissioning Lead, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Project Manager, Project Worker, Quality Improvement Lead, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health & Programme Lead CYP IAPT, Senior Manager, Senior Practitioner, Mental Health Nurse, Senior Sister, Specialist Clinician, Team Manager, Ward Sister

Some of the organisations represented in 2016:

5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Barnardo's, Big White Wall, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Gloucestershire Eating Disorders Service, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Leeds CAMHS Outreach Service, Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Doncaster CCG, NHS England, NHS England, North (Yorkshire & the Humber), NHS Guildford and Waverley CCG, NHS Leeds South and East CCG, NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, Northumbria University, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Rethink Mental Illness, Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust, The GIFT Partnership, The Tuke Centre, University of York, Virgin Care, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Young Person's Advisory Service

Call for posters
Are you booked or planning to attend? Would you like to share your work? Then please do read this page and send us your details....
Poster content guidance:
  • Posters should include images as well as text, and photographs of the individuals or service involved. There will be a ‘stand by your poster’ session during the day when attendees can discuss your work. Posters should share innovative and effective ways of working and reflect on the following questions:
  • What challenge were you addressing in your service improvement?
  • What strategies or processes were tried?
  • What evidence or guidance informed these strategies?
  • What service improvement outcome was achieved? How was that measured?
  • What impact did this have on the wider service: users, staff, organisational processes?
  • What did you learn and how can this benefit other services to improve?
Poster submission requirements
  • Any registered conference attendee from the NHS, public or charity sector may present a poster
  • Only one poster presentation is allowed per registered attendee/author
  • Posters must be registered by two weeks prior to the conference and be brought on the day
  • This can consist of one sheet (A1) or up to 12 sheets of A4 paper – in Power Point
  • Posters will go onto portrait orientated boards of 1m x 2m and Velcro will be provided for fixing
Poster application information:

To start your application, please submit the following details to: enquiries@nnf-events.co.uk

  • Author details: (100 words or less)
  • Author email: (to be published)
  • Poster title:
  • Poster abstract: (200 words or less)

Alternatively, please download and complete the poster application form

All applications are welcome from either registered or reserve place attendees - successful submissions will be notified within one week of application. Please do contact the team on 01732 897788 if you have any questions.

Call for speakers

Do you work in IAPT or CAMHS? Have you developed your service and want to share your work? We are always looking for interesting examples and experiences.

With all of our courses driven by best practice, we would welcome you to approach us to take part. Benefits of presenting:

  • Case study driven presentations - if you are part of a team who has implemented a new project or idea then this is the platform to share your experiences.
  • Put you and your achievements out there - whether you are a PWP, IAPT or CAMHS Service Lead, Clinical Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist or a mental health nurse , we will be holding an event which will enable you to share your tools to help others in IAPT and CAMHS deal with their challenges.
  • Time to think and focus - away from your everyday environment you can hear others’ presentations and think objectively and innovatively about how you manage your work.
  • Raise your profile and network with like-minded - compare your work with what is happening in other services. By attending a relevant event you can mix with people who understand your concerns, benchmark your progress and drive forward your experience in a sharing environment.

Please contact Sarah Kemm if you would like to take part in one of our forthcoming events on 01732 897788 or sarah.kemm@sbk-healthcare.co.uk

Pricing Structure
  • £199 + VAT - One place (NHS, Charities and Public Sector)
  • £149 + VAT - Two or more places (NHS, Charities and Public Sector - per place)
Do you really want to attend an event, but can’t see funding being available? NNF events have put together a page of cost saving tips, travel advice and useful ideas to help you to build your business case. Click here to view the justify your attendance document.
Optional Accommodation at Holiday Inn Express Leicester City
  • £85 + VAT - Bed & Breakfast Accommodation for Wednesday 26th April 2017 (subject to availability)
Bed and breakfast accommodation is available for this event at a specially discounted rate. Simply tick the dates that you wish to book when making your booking and we will contact you directly for your credit card guarantee details.
We regret that bookings for bed and breakfast accommodation cannot be confirmed without full credit card details. Your credit card will only be charged in the event that the invoice has not been settled one month following the event and only with prior communication.
If your funding has not yet been secured or you would like to hold your place with no obligation, you can reserve your place with us. Please email enquiries@nnf-events.co.uk with your details:
  • Booking contact: Name, job title, department, email, telephone
  • Event(s) to reserve for: Title, date
  • Delegate details (for each delegate): Name, job title, department, email, telephone
  • Organisation details: Name, address
Alternatively you can make a confirmed booking by sending the above information to bookings@nnf-events.co.uk
Modify Registration
To modify an existing registration, please contact bookings@nnf-events.co.uk
King Power Stadium
Filbert Way, Leicester, LE2 7FL
0344 815 5000
Please click on the link below for location map and directions for King Power Stadium
Terms and conditions
Welcome back
Thank you for attending a National Networking Forum event by SBK Healthcare. We are pleased to offer you on-line access to the documentation that you received at the event. This is an exclusive benefit for all of the attendees and includes additional and updated documentation.
Please enter your email address and password which is at the front of your documentation pack. The password will also be emailed to you after the event and this is your notification that the documentation is available on-line.
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